Permanent Makeup

Downtown Bowmanville’s Top Permanent Makeup Artist 

Jodi is a wizard in permanent makeup with an eye for detail and keen aesthetic sense. She has worked with a diverse clientele who have very different needs for getting a permanent eyeliner, eyebrow microblading or a lip tattoo. Every client at Jodi Brown and Co leaves feeling content and confident! 
Eyebrow Tattoo
Lip tattoo
Lip Liner
Eyeliner tattoo
Benefits of permanent makeup  
Permanent makeup meets beauty needs and solves practical challenges. If you lead an active lifestyle and need to look your best at all times, there is no need to carry cosmetics around, spend time on applying, removing and reapplying, or call your make-up artist at 5 a.m to enhance your beauty. 
Women with sensitive skin also don’t have to deal with allergies or breakouts from frequent application of make-up. As you age, your eyebrows may become sparse and eyes dull. Eyebrow tattoo and permanent eyeliner do a good job of hiding signs of natural or premature aging, helping you exude a youthful radiance. 
If you have already had permanent makeup done and the color has started fading out, color correction will be necessary. Jodi is able to handle correction to cover your old color with a new shade for a natural and revitalized look. 
What is permanent makeup?
Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that uses tattooing as a means of enhancing your natural beauty for your eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. You can literally wake up and look like you just applied makeup. No smudging, no touchups, just perfect makeup everyday!
Who can benefit from permanent makeup?
Anyone over the age of 18 can benefit from tattooed eyeliner, tattooed lips or eyebrows. Your never too old to enhance your natural look with permanent makeup 🙂
Does it hurt?
Generally our patients rate the pain a 5/10. It feels more uncomfortable more than anything. At our shop we use powerful pain numbing creams which help a lot with the pain. We always advise our clients to stay away from caffeine the day of the procedure to avoid any unnecessary pain. 
How long does it last?
Typically most people get 3-5 years before needing a colour boost to their permanent makeup. Unlike mircoblading, permanent makeup fades away gradually and for the most part evenly.
How long does it take to heal?
All permanent makeup takes 4-6 weeks to fully heal, but most of the healing is done within 7 days.
How long does it take?
​Typically it takes 2-3 hours from start to finish, but that time frame includes filling out forms, waiting 20 mins for the numbing cream to work, designing the makeup and the actual procedure. 
What should I do before I get my permanent makeup?
Before the procedure it is best to stay away from caffeine and alcohol.
What should I do after I get my makeup tattoo?
You will be provided with details about what needs to happen next to make sure your permanent makeup heals the best.