Hair Salon Services

Trusted Hair Salon Services in Downtown Bowmanville

Think it’s time for a new hair style? Want to try a new hair color? Come to Jodi Brown and Co. to transform your tresses. Jodi is an experienced hair stylist proficient in a variety of classic/common and trendy haircuts. She is also an exceptional hair colorist well-versed in the art and science of color levels and textures. 
Wash/Cut/Style for Women
Ladies, your crowning glory is in good hands! Jodi can cut your hair to your preferred style or you can leave it to her to decide the best hair cut for your face. If you’re looking to style your hair for a special occasion, Jodi can achieve the specific way in which you want to wear your hair. Hair styling need not involve cutting your hair. Before every cut, Jodi washes your hair with a branded shampoo and conditioner. 
Wash/Cut/Style for Men
Whether you have straight, curly, wavy or short, fine hair, Jodi can cut or style your hair to match your face shape, beard or simply the image you want your personal brand to reflect! Contrary to common perception, there are many hairstyles and haircuts that men can try and are, in fact, exploring. Whether you aspire for a clean-cut look, a hip new haircut or a need your mane styled for an event or photograph, you will love how Jodi handles your hair. 
Highlights and Full Colors
If you have a nice base tone, highlights are a good option. Let your natural hair color shine through; highlights in one or more shades will enhance your hair’s beauty and visual interest. Jodi specializes in foil highlights, a traditional highlight technique that offers up to five different shades. You can add them as highlights or blend them in to boost your hair and make your hair cut/style look richer and more vibrant. 
Want to go from brunette to blonde or vice-versa? Feel free to consult with Jodi for full hair coloring. She will take you through the process and treat your hair and you with immense care.